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AnQing XinFeng Auto Parts Manufacturing CO.   

We're a joint venture specializing in the produce and export of automobile and motorcycle parts in China. we have our own factory which produce engine parts such as engine valve,piston,piston ring,cyl ...

Main Products : engine parts... More

Hunan Xianghuan Dynamic Machinery Co., Ltd.   

Hunan Xianghuan Dynamic Machinery Co., Ltd.,founded in 1998, is located in Liling, one of the top five county-level city in Hunan Province. It is A professional manufacturer of piston rings for auto ...

Main Products : piston ring... More

Esco Metal Co., Ltd (Taiwan)   

Gas Trimmer Taiwan Esco, Grass Cutter Taiwan, Grass Trimmer Taiwan, Weed eater Taiwan, String Trimmer Taiwan, piston ring, grass trimmer, brush cutter, Taiwan, Asia, Medical Product OEM, ED350, 305612 ...

Main Products : Esco Gas Trimmer, piston ring, Taiwan Asia, Medical Product OEM... More

Teamworld Industries Corp.   

Teamworld Industries Corp. is the leading supplier of motorcycle / scooter parts and accessories in Taiwan. Our involvement in this line of business dates back to 1968 when Teamworld - incorporated as ...

Main Products : Scooter Parts, Scooter Spare Parts, Scooter Accessories, Scooter Performance Parts... More

Japon Traffic Tech Corp.   

The company was established in 1992 in cooperation with Tai-Chi Traffic Corporation and former Takuang Piston Ring Group (Japan TP Joint Venture Plant) in the technology, imported the precision machin ...

Main Products : Motorcycle Piston Ring, Automobile Piston Ring, Lawn Mower Piston Ring, Wood Sawing Engine Piston Ring, Miniature Aircraft Piston Ring... More
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