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Main Products : ... More

Pulian international enterprise co., Ltd   

Plastic Granulators Pulian provides variously plastic granulators and plastic shredders equipment over 100 models to satisfy customer. The granulators and shredders can be used multiple ways and be ad ...

Main Products : Granulator, Crusher Machine, Mixer Machine, Auto Loader, Auto Conveyor, Shredder Machine, Masterbatch, Mixer, Shredder, Dosing Lion, Blower... More


Main Products : ... More

Pt. Rejeki Adigraha   

Established in 1986, PT Rejeki Adigraha, popularly known as Adigraha, is one of the leading PVC compounders and recyclers in Indonesia. With our advanced technology, quality control and experience, we ...

Main Products : PVC compound, PVC boots / shoes / sandals, PVC hoses, PVC pipe fittings... More

Thaiwa Plastic Company Limited   

Thaiwa Plastic Co., Ltd. was established in August, 1983 by the foresighted founders. A wholly Thai-owned company with an initial registered capital of 25 million baht. The 17 rai factory is located o ...

Main Products : PVC flexible sheeting, PVC tarpaulin sheeting, PVC matting... More
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