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Mapsuka Industries Co., Ltd.   

Mapsuka, founded in 1980, has more than 20 years of experience as a professional manufacture of tooling, metal stamping and electronic assembly for telecommunications, medical, test equipment and othe ...

Main Products : 4U 21-slot, CompactPCI 2U chassis, CompactPCI 4U chassis, CompactPCI ejector handles, 9U CompactPCI Chassis, 3U, 4U, 6U, 9U subrack... More

Ming Kuan Hung Concern Incorporated Co.,Ltd.   

Ming Kuan Hung Co., Ltd is a full automated plastic plating processing factory with a 5000 square meters land located in Hoson Industry Park, Tainan City and specialized in automotive parts, video gam ...

Main Products : Plastic Electroplation, Plastic Injection... More

Ningbo Rilson Sealing Material Co., Ltd.   

Ningbo Rilson Sealing Material Co., Ltd. is a famous enterprise professionally engaged in development, promotion and application of the Gasket material as well as its products and interacting science ...

Main Products : Spiral Wound Gasket, Ring Joint Gasket, Metallic/non-metallic Gasket... More

shenzhen de silicone product.co.ltd   

We are not only molding silicone, but also creating a beautiful world"DE SILICONE is a professional manufacturer of molded silicone products. However, DE SILICONE does not want to be a traditional Chi ...

Main Products : silicone product... More

Dacheng Xinhua Sealing Packing Factory   

 Dacheng Xinhua Sealing and Packing Factory is the professional factory specially engaged in manufacturing sealing products, which has developed various sealing materials and products of high & low ...

Main Products : seals, gaskets, gland packing, ptfe, graphite, sealing gaskets... More

Yihung Washer Co., Ltd.   

Welcome to Yihung Washer Co., Ltd. Since 1995, has maked the gasket (washer) for well over 15 years.Yihung is located in the shulin of Taipei hsien and has long provided the highest level of quality p ...

Main Products : Washers, Wrapping, O Ring, Bolt, Nut... More
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