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Henan Hi-Tech Instruments Co.,Ltd   

Henan Hi-Tech Instruments Co., Ltd located in Henan Province, Middle of China, are professional manufacturer and exporter for various industry instruments and meters. Our main product include Hand Hel ...

Main Products : refractometer, digital refractometer, thermometer, pH meter... More

Huake Instrument Co.,Ltd   

Huake Instrument Co., Ltd's main products are Brix Industrial Fluid Refractometers, Salinity Refractometers, Clinical Protein Refractometers, Antifreeze Battery Cleaning Fluids , Refractometers, TDS m ...

Main Products : Hand Held refractometer, refractometer, PH meter, TDS meter, DDS meter, meter, Instrument, Brix Industrial Fluid Refractometers... More

Qingdao Tlead International Company Ltd.   

Qingdao Tlead International Company is a manufacturer, trading company, focus on the export and import business for follows in Qingdao China:Agricultural ChemicalBicycle PartsBanknote MachineBrake Pad ...

Main Products : steel ball, refractometer, paulownia board, measuring wheel... More

Mars Traders   

Textile Lab Equipments:- We deal in Textile Equipment used for AATCC, ASTM, M&S ISO Xenon Light Fastness Tester for recommended methodsLab Equipment :-like Perspiration tester, Light Fastness tester ...

Main Products : Textile Lab Equipment, Dairy, Butter... More
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