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Fairwear Jewelry Co.,ltd   

Fairwear Jewelry Co., Ltd., is located in Yiwu, China-the city well-known as "the paradise of commodity". We design, produce and dispatch the artificial jewelry like necklaces, earrings, bracelets, br ...

Main Products : artificial jewelry like necklaces, earrings, bracelets, brooches, rings, hair ornaments, belts, belt buckle, keyring, key chain, etc... More


We are Manufactory Sterling Silver Jewelry of Thailand. We have catalog online more than 700 item number. If you need us making order in your design please contact us via e-mail.

Main Products : 925 Sterling Silver Jewelry... More

K. COM INT Sdn. Bhd.   

Source distributor of GREEN GARNET, TSAVORITE, can be delivered in rough form.

Main Products : ... More

Shefali Gems & Arts   

We are manufacturer and exporter of sterling silver jewellery & silver beads since 1990.We are manufacturing such kind of jewellery silver pendents,rings,earrings,braclets,neckless,silver beads,toogle ...

Main Products : Silver Pendents, Rings, Earrings, Neckless, Braclets, Silver Beads... More

Terra Brasil Acess鏎ios   

Brazilian Supplier of sem-jewels, plated with gold, rhodium (white gold) and silver. Most pieces with brazilian semi-precious stone.

Main Products : Gold plated jewellery... More

Wuzhou Rich Industrial Co., Ltd.   

Wuzhou Rich Industrial Co.,Ltd. is one of leading professional manufacturer of gemstone?Cubic Zirconia, that has many years of experience on CZ design and cutting. We specialize in cutting top qualit ...

Main Products : Cubic Zirconia, gifts, cubic zirconia, gemstone, gem stone, gemstones, Imitation Pearl Jewelry, Coral & Jade Crafts, Imitation Gemstone Jewelry... More


Our factory is a factory that produces and processes the synthetic gems professionally.Our main product include Cubic zirconia(CZ), synthetic ruby, synthetic sapphire, synthetic spinel, cat's-eye, jew ...

Main Products : ... More

Shivam Enterprises   

We want to introduce ourselves as an exporter/manufacturer of cuts/cabs and beads of semi precious stones (for all shapes regarding your requirement). We also deal in sterling Silver Jewelry items. W ...

Main Products : Semi Precious Cuts/Cabs and Beads Stones... More


We have latest range available of gem studded silver rings, earrings, pendants, bracelets, chokers and necklaces. We also deal in silver chains, findings, semi-precious stones, Bali silver beads & bea ...

Main Products : Silver Jewellery, Gems, Beads & Findings etc... More

XiaoYao Co.,Ltd   

we are factory of magnetic fashion jewelry, also a international trade company, and can maximum reduce the cost, you know.Magnetic jewelry are made up of magnetic hematite beads and semi-precious ston ...

Main Products : magnetic jewelry, imitation jewelry, necklace, bracelet, ring... More
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