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Stun Gun

Stun Gun - 25611755-1

Model: PILI-007 (STUN GUN 4-IN-ONE)* 4-IN-1 functions: Light/Shock/Spray/Power off Alarm* Shock: PILI-007: 90 KVPILI-117:180 KV* Alarm: 130 db* Lighting* Safety SwitchDeliver a 90KV shock to a potenti ...

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1.2L pressure sprayer

1.2L pressure sprayer - SM-2000

this is a new style of spray in the world ,be popular in the garden,it is fixed automatic pressure reducing valve,it can help you to protect your plant, to kill the insect ect., the lowest price,but ...

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ULV cold fogger

ULV cold fogger - AVP-02

This pest control ULV cold fogger have below advatanges:Fast working,less labour,bigger working range,more efficientPortable strong structure,scientific design of tank with arc shapeAnti-corrosion and ...

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hose end sprayer / car washer

hose end sprayer / car washer - FMOP002

This sprayer operates with venturi system. It has rinse, foam and off position. The colors are red, yellow, white, green.It could be attached to a hose. It is very convenient and easy to use.Package: ...

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