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teedon international trading co.,ltd   

TEEDON International Trading Co.,LtdAs one of the largest supplier of mobile phones and their accessories in china

Main Products : mobile phones... More

Alliance Infotech Pvt.Ltd   

Alliance Infotech Pvt Ltd is a leading provider of TELCO grade computer telephony components and e-business infrastructure software. Through our products, custom application development and consulting ...

Main Products : IVRS, VOIP, CallCenter Headsets(Brand-Danacom &Freemate), Logger... More

Sigma C&T Co.,Ltd   

We can supply OEM of Bluetooth headset ect.,we are the factory and give you best price and quality.,I hope you everything fine. how is your business this is judy greeting from shenzhen,china. are yo ...

Main Products : bluetooth... More

Xiamen Etone ELectronics   

We, a specialist engaged in the manufacture of the telecommunication, main include the caller ID box and caller ID phone etc..of course we can provide the telephone components with best quality and be ...

Main Products : caller ID box and caller ID phone... More

shenzhen xinhuatong opto-electronics co.,ltd   

Our company manufactures bluetooth products,including bluetooth headset,bluetooth USB dongle,IrDA,mp3&mp4.Generally speaking,our bluetooth chipset is from CSR,a worldwide chip leader all around the w ...

Main Products : bluetooth headset&bluetooth USB dongle&mp3&card reader... More


Hongkong Koontech Technology Ltd, focus on researching and developing, manufacturing and sales of special telephones.KOON's waterproof and dustproof telephone has the authority of production and it is ...

Main Products : Waterproof phones, Emergency phones... More


E-NOUS Electronics is specialize in various electronic components.Our products include items such as:fuse,fuse holder,audio and video accessories,telephone connectors and cables,coaxial cable,adaptors ...

Main Products : fuse, fuse holder, audio and video accessories... More

In - Yuan Electronic Co., Ltd.   

Our production service includes designing of earphone, wrap shield processing, PVC extrusion operation, plug molding, various assembly processes and Audio / Video cables as well as custom-designed cab ...

Main Products : Earset ( for cellular telephone and multimedia computer ) earphone and headphone audio video cable riders tandem communicating system.... More

Power & Telecom INC.   

Power & Telecom INC. is a manufacturer and exporter in designing and marketing multiple telecommunication products in the field of PABX, Digital, Interphone systems, Feature Phones, Caller ID, Caller ...

Main Products : PABX, caller ID, caller ID phone, digital interphone system feature phone, telephone answering machine... More

Zhongshan Xiaolan Jiaxun Metal Manufactory   

Zhongshan Xiaolan Jiaxun Metal Manufactory is a professional CNC lathe hardware processing factory. We can satisfy customers’ kinds of requirement to carry on milling, drilling, grinding, polishing ...

Main Products : Aluminum Mobile phone emergency charger cover... More
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