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Singapore Business Consultancy   

Business Facilitator in Singapore and IndonesiaDear Sir/Madam,If your company wants to do business in Singapore or Indonesia, pleasecontact me as I can provide administrative and secretariat assistanc ...

Main Products : singapore, indonesia, advertise, business, export, import... More


The Shanghai Gahao Import & Export Co., Ltd. grew out of the Shanghai Minhang Foreign Trade Corporation, which was established in 1987. Now it’s a complex enterprise dealing in domestic & foreign tr ...

Main Products : IMPORT & EXPORT SERVICE... More

Palms & Company, inc., Founded 1934   

Eatablished 1934 - has served as advsior to the presidents of four countries and seven agencies of the United States Government1. Sale of fur pelts, bedspreads, scrap and coats and jackets of Mink, Sa ...

Main Products : Fur pelts, scrap, bedspreads, comforters, quilts, rugs, coats jackets, fur, furs, coat, sable, mink, chinchilla, otter, lynx, fox, blanket, bedspread... More

Actionweb HK   

Dealer in all refurbished mobile phones and can act as agent for all products of your esteemed company in China and HK area .

Main Products : Mobile phone... More

Yiwu Ictc Import & Export Co. Ltd   

Yiwu Ictc Import & Export Co. Ltd. is a licensed importer/exporter located in Yiwu city, which hosts the largest wholesale market for small commodities in the world.Have you heard of Yiwu city--a trad ...

Main Products : hardware... More

Quadrex Consulting   

ear Sirs,Quadrex Consulting is a company specialising in international business search activities, export / import consulting, business brokering, product sourcing and other International Trade relate ...

Main Products : trade consulting product sourcing procurement legal services... More


ORIENTIS offers all types of consultations, trade (import ? export), manufacturers, suppliers, goods, raw materials search and selection, information about exhibitions, business trips, quality inspect ...

Main Products : consulting, trade, business services, import, export... More

Continent Inspection Service Co., Ltd   

We are Continent inspection service Co., ltd, we are an inspection company over 10 years experience in inspection field. Our services covering electronic and electrical, softline, hardline. Also, we h ...

Main Products : inspection service... More

shanghai asean register agency service co.,   

秪峈衄癹鼠侗ㄜ岆珨模枑鼎" 鼠侗敵湔 " 俇腔郪奻漆庈腔督昢 , 鼠侗岆弇衾婓笢弊腔奻漆碩偉陲源腔鞠桲郲笢 , 跤囀窒枑鼎漆醱腔鼠侗跤眥珛腔腎暮 ...

Main Products : Register the service of the company of Shanghai... More


BTM (Business to Manufactory of china) technology service Co., LTD, is highly specialized in providing oversea buyers with samples and suppliers sourcing, technique support, purchase management, suppl ...

Main Products : Sample/Supplier Sourcing inspect china supply management china... More
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