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Guangzhou Icdora Trading Co., Ltd   

Icdora Trading Co,.Ltd which is located in Guangzhou, China. We are specialized in buying for partner form China in time saving and money saving way since the year of 2002. We have served over 40 regu ...

Main Products : China agent, sourcing agent service... More

Atlantica Translation Company   

Professional Translation ServicesEnglish to Russian, Russian to English:— marketing translation— technical translation— legal translation— financial and economic translation— translation of ...

Main Products : Professional Translation Services: EN>RU... More

Percy International Patent Office   

We are specialized in dealing with Taiwan and China intellectual property (IP) including patents, trademarks, design, copyrights, related search and litigation matters. We are a full-service firm, wit ...

Main Products : we represent inventors, companies and research institutions both locally and worldwide to deal with the filing matters of patent... More


Yiwu agent in yiwu commodity marketWe provide one-stop yiwu export agent service: 1.Issue business invitation letter 2. Hotel Reservation 3. Airport pickup from Yiwu, Shanghai, Hangzhou... 4. Visi ...

Main Products : trade agent... More

Clario International   

Clario International (http://www.clarioint.com) provides US and European clients that purchase goods in China with trade services including sourcing and qualifying suppliers, inspecting goods and mana ...

Main Products : Purchasing, Sourcing, Buying... More

Jasmine Business & Consulting Co.,LTD.   

Our company is specialized in trading field. We act as professional purchasing agent, and can help you find the best supplier, place orders, follow orders, control quality and arrange delivering the g ...

Main Products : sourcing agent... More

Shenzhen Easygoing Co.,Ltd   

As a professional sourcing team in Shenzhen,Guangdong, China, we have established a very long and nice business relationship with many good factories located in Guangdong Province, especially the spor ...

Main Products : Business guide, logistic service, quality control... More

China Stock Items Group Co.,Ltd   

China Stock Items Group is a China based company specializing on buying and selling of STOCKLOTS, CLOSEOUT, EXCESS INVENTORY and SURPLUS MERCHANDISE of retail-ready consumer goods.Our stock lots are ...

Main Products : Clothes, towel, Shoes, Stationery, baby products... More

SinoSourcing Service Management Co., Ltd   

SinoSourcing Service Management Co., Ltd is a professional trading service management company who provide services includes product sourcing, quality control, project management , logistics, warehouse ...

Main Products : gifts, furniture, electronics, clothes... More

Skills 4 English   

Editing & Writing In English.........Does Your Business Trade In English? How Good Are Your English Skills? Skills 4 English Works For You..... Advertising..... Brochures.....Magazine & Newspaper Arti ...

Main Products : We Write & Edit All Your Business Information In English.... More
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