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Rage Media Group   

Source China is the international trade link between China and the world.We have deep connections with a range of Chinese manufacturers, supplying a large range of products to you from the most effici ...

Main Products : Building Materials, Textiles, Electrical Goods, Machinery... More

J & M Trading   

We are a specialist in assisting small, medium, and family-owned businesses (who doesn't have an office in China) to operate their business in China.

Main Products : ... More

Phoenix China Buying Office   

Phoenix China Sourcing Office functions as China Sourcing Agent, China Buying Office, China Buying Agent and China Purchasing Agent, providing comprehensive China sourcing services for customers of al ...

Main Products : China buying agents, China purchasing office... More

Joytang China   

Sticking to the philosophy of to communicate with the world in your mother tongue. Joytang has been committing itself to building a language environment of mother-tongue communication through many yea ...

Main Products : Multi-language translation & Interpretation service... More

Western Quality Services Ltd   

Founded and operated by French (Vincent Fougnies) and American (Jacob Ezekiel Aud) partners with 15 years experience in quality assurance and quality control. Our company was started to provide the se ...

Main Products : Inspection Services, Quality Control, Final Inspection... More


Established in August 1998, IA INTERNATIONAL have now become a greate professional purchasing agent in China. He knows about textile, furniture, machinery, and other industrial manufacture. He has alm ...

Main Products : service... More


Expert and Consultancy Center (Expromtech) with a headquarter in Moscow, Russia is an integral part of The International Congress of Industrialists and Entrepreneurs (ICIE) which is a union of various ...

Main Products : business services... More

Elisabeth Wang   

Hi there, I am Elisabeth. I am Working as a Business Coordinator / Interpreter. I've been working on different projects for leading International companies. From Chinese Companies / Government to Fobr ...

Main Products : Commercial Service in Guangzhou China... More


Echinasource is a professional service provider specializes in helping foreigner develop business in China . We are very happy to cooperate with any foreign businessman who really want to develop busi ...

Main Products : interpreter service, sourcing agent... More

DEC Limited   

we put Intelligence and Creativity in serviceOur mission is to provide an one stop service and to make every step of your whole development and order process easier.we dedicate ourselves to Design, ...

Main Products : Hong Kong... More
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