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Wuu Sheng Machinery Co., Ltd.   

Wuu Sheng Machinery Co., Ltd.'s major export products are a series of packaging machines.

Main Products : packing machine series... More

Shanghai reap EPS machinery co.,ltd   

Shanghai Reap EPS Machinery Co ,Ltd was founded in 1997, mainly engaged in EPS machinery manufacturing, it has been a leading manufacture in this field .the products are including the Batch pre-expand ...

Main Products : EPS pre-expander, EPS block molding machine... More

Elite Cooling Appliances Equipment Co., Ltd   

we are the professional manufacturer and supplier in the area of refrigerator machinery,equipments and produciton line etc, we have many customers in china and over the world.we will provide you best ...

Main Products : refrigerator producing machine, refrigerator production line... More

Dongguan Junxiang Machinery Co.,ltd.   

 Dongguan Junxiang Machinery Co.,ltd. is one of the leading Chinese manufacturers of a wide range of Vacuum Blister Packing Machinery.This principally includes:Automatic Vacuum Forming Machines,Oil ...

Main Products : Automatic Vacuum Forming Machine... More

Chie Mei Enterprise Co., Ltd.   

Chie Mei Enterprise Co., Ltd. is an excellent machine manufacturing company, which was established in 1971.More than 36 years of development and research as well as on-going improvements, has resulted ...

Main Products : Overwrapping Machine, L-Sealer & Shrink Tunnel, Vacuum Packing Machine, Automatic Vacuum Forming Machine... More
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