3G-SDI Visual Images DVR

3G-SDI Visual Images DVR

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3G-SDI Visual Images DVR

Product ID: SDI-D5F2M

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  • input: 3G-SDI/HD-SDI, BNC x 4
  • Coding: 16:9 digitalize ; Full High Definition: 1920x1080P, 80fps ; High Definition: 1280x720P, 120fps
  • output: HDMI / DVI / VGA ; 1920x1080p / 1280x720p
  • GUI operation easily
  • Multi-viewer: Full/Single/Quad/Swop
  • Remote control: multi protocol
  • easily installation over existing coaxial infrastructure
  • record mode: each channel setup
  • search: by time/date/camera
  • user mode: over 32 user and  own different level to control
  • event mode: on screen and mail
  • disk raid: 0/1/5/10 optional
  • backup: can support USB or DVD 
Full HD/HD coding compress system


 compressor format   H.264
 viewer formatted   16:9 digitalize formatted
 visual resolution  Full High Definition 1920 x 1080p   
 High Definition 1280 x 720p
 frame rate  Full HD 1080p x 80fps,
 HD 720p x 120fps
 language OS  English /Chinese tradition
 log event  user log moment 
 setup event  mail and display status 
 time correction   manual、internet 


 search mode  date、time、continue、motion、sensor  
 playback speed  slow speed: 0.1X、0.5Xe
 faster: 1X、2X、3X、4X、5X、8X、10X
 record schedule  continue、motion、sensor 
 record quality  contrast、brightness、saturation、hue   
 record picture  average、good、better、best  
 motion detected  16x16 area、sensitivity(1~32)、level(1~100)  
 microscope function  gray、extend、smooth、sharp、heavy、light                                    
 backup device  Can supporting USB/DVD
 backup function  enhance、printer、smart or picture search


 user manager    More than 32 and different control level 
 multi viewer  full/single/quad/swop
 visual position  exchange visual by mouse
 screen statue  camera title、status、time date、fps


 visual input  3G-SDI/HD-SDI, BNC x 4  
 visual output  HDMI/ DVI-D/ VGA
 hard disk capacitor  1xSSD、2x2T HDD (can supporting 5xHDD)  
 raid disk  raid 0/1/5/10 optional  
 protocol  Serial port、baud、parity、bit、stop
 PTZ function  pan/tilt driver、zoom lens、aux
 Dimension    530(L)x430(D)x180(H)mm

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