Shang Chen International CO., LTD.
International Co., Ltd. has considerably professional technology of production and development & research in the individual security defense, military & police safety system, radar stroboscope and monitor equipment products sold to the domestic markets and overseas world for which we have obtained the high praise. In view of this fact and in order to keep the leadership superiority in these equipments, this company unceasingly designs the manufacture, and possesses the words specially permitted by the National Police Agency Department of the Interior:
Approved No. 09100.76039 Taiwan (91) by the National Police Agency Department of the Interior. We have also insured the New An Product Liability of USD5000000 to guarantee the safety of personnel in use and product quality of this company. Therefore we supply all the armed force, military policy, policy, security industries, the security guards and patrols hired by companies & stores, mutual attention organizations, etc. to guard against illegality and attack crime with the insured products. The equipments of this company are divided into five main categories as follows:
First, electric shock equipment:
Body defending device from 80000 volts to 800000 volts of electric shock stick: from 16cm to 60cm in size. There are on-palm, extensive, stick and fling stick, etc. types in configuration. The functions are separately: electric shock, warning, tear gas, illumination, guard against robbery, power failure... and 15 kinds of designs to be selected according to the service you require.
If you must subdue the scoundrel at a distance, you can use the red ant lighting guard, which is a cassette, only 18cm in size and the effective protection scope of which amounts to 15 feet long. The main engine is life-long provided with free guarantee services, the most effective defense equipment at present.
Second, sprayer guarding against sexual harasser: from 15c.c to 25c.c (key ring, lipstick type) and to 300c.c (suppressing riot type). In addition, there is a suppressing riot tear gas gun. The function separately has: Tear gas and warning, and so on. The sprayer depends on the capacity size, the effective ranges of which are from 1 to 6 meters.
Third, transportation equipments:
Including various types of high visibility safety vest, the command stick (multi stage glittery type, light bulb type), police telltale, alarm, and so on.
Fourth, supplies various types of bulletproof vests, suppressing riot flashlight and so on. Each bulletproof vest is provided with a Product Liability of USD100000 to ensure the user against any danger and guarantee the product quality of this company.
Fifth, hat, waistband, holster, whistle, various types of patrol sticks, fling stick, staff, glare flashlight for the uses of the military and police, and metal detector, complete with everything.

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