Comparison of using Enprot vs. Wooden Pallets for Export of goods

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Seller/Shipper Using Wooden Pallets Using Enprot
Cost of storage 1.handling wooden pallet inventory, 2.frozen capital pallet inventory, frozen capital
Fumigation procedure required not required
Cost of fumigation certification US$ 70/certificate nil
Cost of transporting the pallets themselves (Taipei to USA for example, US$45 cubic meter x volume of 48 pallets) US$ 45 x 8.87 cubic meter = US$ 399.15 US$ 45 x 7.6 cubic meter = US$ 342.00
Packing 1.packing strap, 2.metal buckles, 3.labor (2 people required to pack a pallet) 1.saves 1/4 length of packing strap, 2.metal buckles not required, 3.saves over half the labor time (and the speed of each person packing is faster)
Buyer/Consignee Using Wooden Pallets Using Enprot
Environmental tax on unwanted pallets 1.US$96(40 feet container) (US$2 x 48 pallets), 2.extra trouble of handling waste pallets nil
Profilt from selling unwanted pallets as scrap iron[ENPROT weighs 19kgs / piece, US scrap iron rate US$0.07 / kg (US$0.07 x 19kgs x 48pcs)] nil over US$47.04/40 feet container
Steel Bar Makers & Processors Using Wooden Pallets Using Enprot

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