Automatic 2-color toothbrush tufting machine

Product ID: OWN'S -100

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The components of OWN'S-100 are 30% fewer than those of the old-mode OWN'S-51 , but its productive speed is enhanced up to 40%.
80% of OWN'S-100os made of the special aluminum alloy for the navigational industry under the hardening treatment. Also the appearance through CAD computer drawing design is produced by the combination of the segmental frame of two pieces of alloy and the solid streamlined shape with the different stratum of the concave and convex construction, which will exhibit greatly the perfect visual effect of physique and beauty. And the cover packing design will reduce the noise.
  • Capacity: T/brush holes tufted/1-66 holes
  • Output: 250-290 tufts/per min
  • Shape: Any various types of irregular arrangement of T/brush holes
  • Motor : 1/6HP
  • Voltage: 220-240V 50HZ-60HZ single phase
  • Main Products

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