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Fuel economizer(TM) uses the most advanced technology and effective magnetic fuel saving devices. It works on all types of engines, old or new, petrol or diesel, carburetors or fuel injectors. Field tests resulted in improvements of mileage up to 20%! Fuel economizer(TM) employs the scientifically accepted principle of polarization. Polarizing modifies the viscosity index of the fuel, thus altering surface tension. With less surface tension, the molecules tend to move further apart allowing a better oxygen mixture which in turn increases the explosive power, leaving less unburned deposits and residues. Translated into automotive terms, this means more horsepower-lower emissions-better fuel economy. Electrons orbiting around their nuclei have di-poles, which are in a neutral state. However these di-poles may be affected by magnetic and electric forces that appear to cause deflection. A simple form of hydrocarbon fuel is pentane, C5H12. Hydrogen has a tendency to interlock with other elements, not forming other compounds, but temporarily forming pseudo compounds. When these pseudo compounds are influenced by electric and magnetic fields, there is a pronounced inter-locking with oxygen causing better combustion. Fuel economizer(TM) re-aligns and positively charges the hydro-carbon molecules in the fuel. It conditions the fuel for a much stronger body with oxygen, thereby causing better combustion, lower emission and better fuel economy.
  • 10 reasons why you need fuel economizer(TM)
    • Pays for itself within a couple of months form your fuel's bill
    • Improves mileage up to 20%
    • Enhances engine performance
    • Reduces carbon monoxide emission
    • Smoother and quieter engine
    • Cleans engine, carburetor and spark plugs
    • Environmental friendly
    • Maintenance free
    • Easy to install
    • Does not affect vehicle warranty
  • You can record your own fuel mileage road tests, you will be thrilled with your savings
  • You will immediately notice that the engine runs smoother with less pings
  • You will notice livelier throttle response resolution in faster acceleration
  • After about a few hundred miles, the device should show fuel saving potential as the engine eliminates the carbon deposits
  • Exhaust gases from tailpipe may also appear lighter in color indication a cleaner burn

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