Battery Buddy

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.The battery buddy is a computerized switch which attaches directly to the battery and constantly monitors the battery's power level. If the battery is in danger of going dead due to excessive discharge when the engine is off, the battery buddy will automatically switch-off further drain in order to ensure that power for starting is preserved. If the battery buddy does switch-off simply press the reset button and start the vehicle. The battery will be recharged through normal driving. The battery buddy prevents dead batteries commonly caused by: headlights left on, interior lights left on, car phones, etc. left on, power draining electrical shorts, battery drain in vehicles lift un-started for long periods.
  • By switching-off excessive discharge before battery damage occurs, the battery buddy optimizes the life of the battery.
  • Peace of mind: with the added protection of battery buddy, you can safely use your vehicle's accessories when the engine is off without the fear of being stranded with a dead battery.

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