Efficient Productivity & Profitability Fully Automatic "T - Shirts" Bag Making Machine

Product ID: NGB-702BU

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  • Bag making specification:
    • Max. bag width: 320mm(12.6") x 2
    • Min. bag width: 120mm(4.7")
    • Max. bag length: 650mm(25.6")
    • Min. bag length: 350mm(13.8")
    • Max. machine speed: 120rpm
  • Electrical consumption:
    • Main motor: 2HP
    • Rear motor: 1/4HP x 2
    • Sub motor: 15W x 4
    • Bu motor: 1/4HP
    • Main heater: 1,200W x 2
    • Sub heater: 1,200W
    • Hot pin heater: 70W x 2
    • BU heater: 150W x 2
  • Machine measurement
    • L4,600mm(15.1ft) x W1,550mm(5.1ft) x H1,500mm(5ft)
  • Air consumption: 7kg/cm^2, 450L/Min
  • The sealing bars & cutting knives can be turned 180 degrees for easy cleaning.
  • The unique cutting & sealing structure producing extremely strong sealed bags.
  • In case of burnt heater, the machine will stop automatically to prevent any further loss.
  • Changing the roller springs is easy due to the special structure of the rollers, which can be moved upward when necessary.
  • Both air feed and spring systems are used as the film out-feeding device.
  • As soon as the machine is stopped , the film is pulled bvack to prevent any film shrinkage.
  • Front sensors detect any tangled film and stop the machine immediately to pre-vent any detective bags.
  • because of the Sequencer (Programmable controller), the machine is really trouble free.

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