Roland 10/4

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  • Not only does it handle all normal label applications onto bottles, jars and other containers, but it is also capable of fulfilling the most complicated and demanding labiling tasks.
  • Two labeling aggregates can be fitted to the 10-position carousel(for front and back labeling).
  • A further important advantage of the Roland 10/4 is the possibility of aligning shaped containers(flat, oval, rectangular bottles) with precision. Even round bottles which have, for example, a molded vignette, an inscription etc., can be automatically aligned by the machine with the utmost precision.
  • Heavy, vibration-free construction of the entire machine-extensive use of high-grade steel and corrosion-proof, high-strength plastic material.
  • Driving elements of the labeling aggregates in an oilbath.
  • 10-position bottle carousel, 4-position gripper drum.
  • Motor-driven adjustment of the labeling stations to other formats by simply pressing a button.
  • Bottle guiding elements(worm, infeed an discharge star etc.) made of low-noise, wear-resistant plastic.
  • Several safety switches protect the machine from breakdowns due to toppled or broken bottles etc. In particular: the infeed star, the discharge star, the worm drive and each labeling station are equipped with clutch and safety switch.
  • Steplessly adjustable speed control, electronic via frequency-controlled drive.
  • The conveyor-belt too has its own drive-synchronous steplessly adjustable via frequency control. This enables bottles to pass through the machine without being labeled, when the labeler is switched off.
  • Standard pneumatic and heatable glue pumps.
  • Non-contact bottle scanning.
  • Problem-free, rapid change of fitted parts.
  • Installation of labeling stations for self-adhesive labels is possible.
  • Entire construction extremely asy to service-due to the use of high-quality, permanently lubricated bearings, oilbath etc., there are practically no more grease spots.

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