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The machine series Roland ST is another top product of the company Anker. The Anker-Roland ST is a fully automatic machine to apply L-or U-shaped tax strips across the lid of spirit bottles. The construction of the Roland ST was developed on the tried and tested principle of rotary labelers. During the labeling process the bottles are firmly hold thus achieving an optimum labeling accuracy. Rotating pressing devices in the carousel guarantee an exact and firm positioning of the tax strip. By changing only few format parts different bottle and strip sizes can be handled without problems. The sturdy labeling aggregate has 4 positions and works with standard casein glues or synthetic resin dispersion adhesives. No hot melt necessary! The Roland ST is available for different capacities with a 5-, 10-, or16-position carousel.
  • Heavy, vibration-free overall construction of the machine.
  • High-grade steel is employed to a large extent in the construction.
  • Driving elements of the labeling aggregates in an oilbath.
  • Motor-driven adjustment of the labeling aggregates to other formats by simply pressing a button.
  • Bottle guiding elements(worm, infeed and discharge star wheels, etc.) constructed of low-noise, wear-resistant plastic, avoiding bottle scuffing.
  • Several safety switches protect the machine from breakdown caused by toppled or broken bottles, etc. In particular: the infeed star wheel, the discharge star wheel, the worm drive and the labeling aggregate are equipped with clutch and safety switch.
  • Infinitely adjustable speed control via frequency-controlled drive.
  • A separate conveyor belt drive is frequency-controlled as well. This enables bottles to pass through the machine without being labeled, when the labeler is switched off.
  • Contact-free bottle-scanning.
  • Quick change-over without problems.
  • Orientation of cylindrical bottles in the infeed star-wheel by means of a slot.
  • Entire construction extremely easy to service-due to the use of high-quality, permanently lubricated bearings, olibath, etc.. There are practically no more grease spots!

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