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Model Feature
Anker Viking 2B Particularly well suited to larger containers and wider labels, for example for detergent bottles of all sizes.
Anker Viking 3B Universal machine for labeling all normal container sizes, such as used in the canning and food or chemical industries.
Anker Viking 3BR Applies body and shoulder labels to beer bottles.
Anker Viking 6B The ideal machine for labeling miniature bottles. Precise alignment by the specially constructed infeed worm.
Anker Viking 3F, 4F, 5F The models for higher capacities.
  • Almost entirely of stainless materials! High resistance against corrosion.
  • Practically maintenance-free! Driving elements in an oilbath or permanently lubricated.
  • Swift manual change-over from shaped containers to round ones or vice-versa. Saves time and expense!
  • Shaped receptacles are precisely aligned for accurate labeling.
  • Suitable for labeling glass, plastic and metal containers.
  • Cushioned infeed guide-rail with emergency switch. Machine stops if containers topple over.
  • No chain-drive; exclusively via toothed wheels-no readjustments required!
  • Twin model for front and back labeling of shaped containers.
  • Wide, steplessly adjustable speed range.
  • Coding device for labels upon request.
  • Additional change-parts for other labeling schemes can be supplied at any time.

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