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Dunwik Fiberglass Doors, Windows and Frames in Architecture: It may be difficult to imagine a door, window or window frames made of fiberglass especially when it comes in the various wood grains like teak, walnut, rosewood, jarrah and even oak, besides having it in the conventional designs such as Colonist, Coventry, Clermont, Classique & even carved Victorian doors. But with a process called inlaying it is possible to produce any profile you may require to split accuracy. By so doing Dunwik doors have brought down the cost of a traditionally deforesting comprehensive production process to a matter of minutes system without felling yet another tree. Characteristics: Many of the physical and structural properties that make fiberglass attractive for use in cars and boats explain its desirability as a door, windows and relevant frame material. Structural strength: Varies with the cross section or the profiles but is comparable to that of wood, plywood or aluminum and can be used in similar applications with a better all-round resistance to harsh weather conditions. Thermal Stability: Fiberglass is renowned for its ultra-low thermal coefficiency. Fiberglass doors, Windows and Frames perform as if made with a single material. This translates in a No-Warp even in the most severe climatic conditions and the user will appreciate the reliable opening and closing operation and proper seal regardless of the weather. Insulation: Fiberglass Door & Windows have ranked high ratings as thoroughly energy efficient products without thermal break or added insulation. The product has displayed excellent condensation resistance they should be to the best choice for the energy conscious user, particularly as alternate option in high rises, where only aluminum windows would meet the structural strength but not today's thermal efficiency requirements, while fiberglass can satisfy both. Weathering: For over 40 years fiberglass boats exposed to extreme corrosive marine environment have proven their superiority over all other materials. Greater longevity can be expected by Dunwik Doors, Windows and relevant frames even in the worst climatic exposure. Furthermore, U V stabilized gelcoat with excellent fade resistant characteristics not only adds weathering resilience but also offers ultimate self colours and wood grains to choose from our designs and colours are limitless. Maintenance: Save for the occasional wash to remove the atmospheric grime, fiberglass Doors & windows should require no maintenance through their impressive life-span. Performance Standards: U.S. and Canadian standards are among the most demanding and comprehensive in the world and our product meets and exceeds all structural and thermal requirements. Availability of fiberglass Doors, Windows and relevant Frames: Ours is one company in the world that has conducted research for over 15 years (since 1979) and found the most effective inlay technique patented to produce Doors, Windows and Frames or any design you can imagine in any color or any wood grain. We are capable of producing from the lightest bathroom door to the worlds strongest bullet proof door. Fixing principles: Dunwik doors & frames comes to you with the precast voids required for fixing hinges and locks so it cuts down your tie in installing. Since the sizes of locks & hinges vary in sizes and dimensions, we recommend that you send us samples of the ironmongery you intend to fix in so that we can cast it with the required accuracy for fitting them. Damages and how could they be overcome: All Dunwik doors are 10 times scratch resistant when compared to finished timber doors. However negligent handling on the part of the installer may occur and result it scratching or chipping. Every Dunwik door comes to you with a packet of gel-coat pigmented to suit the color of the door. Every door comes with four corner shoes too, to prevent damages. Do not remove shoes until you fit in the door. If there is any damage on the door after it is installed just mix the peroxide spirit well with the pigmented gel-coat fill the damaged spot using a putty covering the scratch or damaged edge a millimeter above the base surface. Now let it gel for 1 to 2 hours. Once it is jelled use 400 grit water sand paper with water and soap until you level it to the base surface. Next use a finger tip of coarse compound on the same surface and brush it down with a small waste piece of cloth. Once this is done apply a finger tip of neutral floor wax on the surface and shine it . you will never find where it was damaged if the above instructions are clearly followed.
Model / Item Size Price (door) (US$) Price (frame) (US$) Total (US$)
Main door 6'.9" x 3'.6" 212.07 59.49 271.56
Bedroom door 6'.9" x 2'.9" 120.70 46.55 167.25
Bathroom door 6'.9" x 2'.3" 94.83 33.62 128.45
Arch main door 6'.9" x 3'.6" 212.07 59.49 271.56
Arch bedroom door 6'.9" x 2'.9" 198.28 57.76 256.06
  • Toilet door:
    • Weight 12.5kg
    • Width 33"~838mm
    • Height 6.9"~2057mm
    • Thickness 2"~55mm
    • Nett Weight 10.5kg
    • Wood/color type as required
    • Left open In/Out, right open In/Out
    • With fan light or Beeralu frame: toilet door 68.11 US$
  • Valance board per lenier foot: US$ 2.59 to 3.37
  • In 8 FT length skirting price: US$ 1.64 to 3.54
  • The prices quoted above are exfactory
  • Prices are subject to change without notice
  • Some of the unique features of Dunwik products which make them superior to their counterparts in timber include:
    • 5 times more fire resistant
    • 10 times more scratch resistant
    • Free from insect and termite attack
    • Free from contraction and expansion due to weather elements
    • Weather elements
    • Weather proof
    • Water-proof and repellent (stain free)
    • Free from mould and fungi
    • Non vibrant and sound resistant
    • Heat resistant

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