Ballistol Lubricant

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  • Perhaps the most astounding feature of Ballistol is its Universality...
    • There are other protectants/lubricants on the market, but none has the same wide range of applications as Ballistol. Ballistol can be used to clean, to preserve, to protect, to prevent corrosion, to maintain and to rejuvenate items made of metal, smooth leather, unpainted wood, and all common hard plastics.
  • Other Features...
    • In an emulsion with water, Ballistol is slightly alkaline (pH 8-9.5) and is therefore capable of neutralizing acids. Ballistol is unique in stopping galvanic and acidic corrosion. It cleans hard-baked soot from glass doors of wood stoves and fireplaces. It frees faucets blocked by calcium residues. Unlike leading brands, Ballistol emulsifies with water. Other oils and water will separate, but Ballistol mixes with the water. When the water evaporates, Ballistol stays behind and protects the metal --- or plastic, leather or wood. Ballistol has been used to clean and lubricate the fret boards and strings of guitars. When mixed with CO2 it increases the performance of CO2 motors for model airplanes by 10%.
    • Ballistol does not resinify. Most other lubricants harden with time. Ballistol contains a combination of anti-oxidants, which make it less susceptible to aging. Ballistol can be applied directly with a brush, sprayed, added to water, etc.
    • Ballistol withstands autoclaving and can be used to lubricate medical instruments that need to be sterilized.
  • Satisfaction Guaranteed...
    • WTC guarantees complete customer satisfaction. If for any reason you are not completely satisfied, return the merchandise with the sales slip to the address below for a full refund.
  • Ballistol and Metal
    • Ballistol is widely used in the precision gauge and tool industry and in the production of scales and other precision instruments. Ballistol forms a protective film on the surface of metals. Due to its low surface tension, it is capable of creeping into the finest cracks and openings in metal surfaces. It dissolves traces of lead, copper and tombac. It also cleans a shines silver, brass and bronze.
  • Ballistol and Leather
    • Ballistol effectively protects leather against damage by water, insects an fungi. If the leather has been properly processed, Ballistol will form permanent chemical compounds within the leather which the leather which will actually make it impermeable to water. It neutralizes residues of tannic acid in leather. (Do not use on suede)
  • Ballistol and Wood
    • Ballistol protects, preserves and rejuvenates all natural wood surfaces. It enhances the wood against and protects against humidity and insect damage. It's ideal for antique furniture!
  • Ballistol and Paint & Plastic
    • A thin film of Ballistol can be used to polish painted surfaces. Ballistol will not negatively affect plastic materials or paints which are chemically resistant to oils. Use it to renew the gel coat of fiberglass boat hulls, or add to the final rinse when washing vehicles to restore shine to old paint. It eliminates static noise on old records.
  • Ballistol and the Environment
    • Ballistol is environmentally friendly and non-toxic. The aerosol uses NO CFCs. A refillable pump spray container is also available for Ballistol. It is safe or people, pets and our planet. Neither its use nor its natural decomposition will pollute the environment.
  • Around the House
    • To lubricate door hinges, door locks padlocks, sliding doors and windows.
    • To lubricate moving mechanical parts of typewriters, electronic printers, video cameras printing calculators and controls or video games.
    • To restore and rejuvenate unpainted wood surfaces.
    • To eliminate static on old turntable records. (Do not use on compact discs.)
  • On automobiles, bicycles, boats, motorcycles, lawnmowers and indoor/outdoor sports equipment...
    • To inhibit corrosion from salt and water.
    • To keep car/truck door locks from freezing.
    • To keep battery terminals free of corrosion.
    • To clean and brighten chrome.
    • To remove tar and insect stains.
    • As a fuel additive to prevent knocking.
    • To wash your car or truck when emulsified with water.
    • To lubricate bicycle gears, chains and wire pulls.
    • To winterize motors.
    • To shine gel coat of fiberglass boats.
    • To lubricate plastic and metal zippers on canvas awnings, curtains, win breakers, etc.
    • To protect electric contacts on boats, trailers and cars from salt water corrosion.
    • To protect motorcycle clothing made of leather.
    • To lubricate wire pulls on lawnmowers, boats and motorcycles.
    • To lubricate roller skates, roller blades and skated-boards.
    • To lubricate exercising equipment.
    • To lubricate ski bindings and brakes.
    • To clean and soften baseball gloves/shoes.
    • To mix with antifreeze in order to inhibit corrosion in cooling systems.
    • To mix with low sulfur diesel fuel in order to restore some of its lubricity.
  • On Firearms...
    • To remove brass and tombac from the barrels and chambers of firearms.
    • To seal and protect wooden gun stocks.
    • To clean and soften leather holsters, slings, belts and make them water impermeable.
    • To neutralize and remove acidic residues from black powder.
  • In the garden...
    • To lubricate and maintain garden tools, lawnmowers, hose connections, chain saws, etc.

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