Fail - safe - type transformers

Product ID: T3650/F, T3655/F, T3660/F

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In case of improper use the fail-safe-transformer will fail permanently without other devices or equipment being destroyed or damaged by fire, shooting flames, heat or melting plastic.
Designation Nominal output(voltage/current) Width
T3640/F 4-8V/1.25A, 12V/0.84A 2modules
T3641/Sch/F 4-8V/1.25 A, 12V/0.84A with switch 2modules
T3645/F 12-12-24V/0.42A 2modules
T3646/Sch/F 12-12-24V/0.42A with switch 2modules
T3650/F 4V/2A, 8V/1.55A, 12V/1.25A 2modules
T3651/Sch/F 4V/2 A , 8V/1.55A, 12V/1.25A with switch 2modules
T3655/F 12-12/1.0A, 24V/0.63A 2modules
T3656/Sch/F 12-12/1.0A, 24V/0.63A with switch 2modules
T3660/F 4-8-12V/2A 3modules
T3661/Sch/F 4-8-12V/2A with switch 3modules
T3665/F 12-12/1.5A, 24V/1A 3modules
T3666/Sch/F 12-12/1.5A, 24V/1A with switch 3modules
T3670/F 4-8V/3A , 12V/2.5A 3modules
T3671/Sch/F 4-8V/3A, 12V/2.5A with switch 3modules
T3675/F 12-12-24V/1.25A 3modules
T3675/F 12-12-24V/1.25A 3modules
T3676/Sch/F 12-12-24V/1.25A with switch 3modules
T3685/F 12V/3.3A, 24V/1.67 A 3modules
T3686/Sch/F 12V/3.3A, 24V/1.67 A with switch 3modules

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