Air Taser

Product ID: E712, E713, E714

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Protect your space...and stay in control! Proven Taser technology has been available only to police for the past decade. Now, the Air Taser is available to you! Compressed air launches two penetrating probes up to 15 feet to deliver a powerful knock-down punch. Once attached to the target, the probes use sophisticated electronic signals called T-Waves to jam the nervous system of an assailant, stopping him in his tracks. No stray bullets, no deadly accidents-even mistakes are not fatal! It's the intelligent choice for defending your family. The Air Taser can be carried in a pocket, purse, or car without special permits in most states (check local laws). Formidable security at home, out of town, or on the road. Just 8 inches long, weighing only 9 oz., Air Taser is easy to carry. And if you lose it in a real assault situation, we'll replace it absolutely free! The future of self-protection is here right now.
  • E713: replacement cartridge
  • Kit includes:
    • Power handle
    • 2 replaceable air cartridges
    • Practice target
    • Carrying strap
    • Training Video
    • Storage case
    • Instruction book
    • 9 volt battery
    • Lifetime Warranty
    • All for $249.95 - less than1/2 the price of a handgun

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