Diesel Generating Sets

Product ID: VL-200-DI, VL-230-DI, VL-110-DI, VL-150-DI, VL-160-DI, VL-185-DI, VL-270-DI, VL-300-DI, VL-325-DI, VL-375-DI, VL-410-DI, VL-450-DI, VL-500-DI

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Prologue: It is the broad experience with technical solution and use of the best and yet easily accessible components that allows us to supply even the most demanding customers with first-rate and reliable generating sets for reasonable price. Our customers may choose between machines with Czech engines or machines with engines from acknowledged foreign manufacturers. The product PROGEN, the diesel generating sets, closely related to technical and designing department with long time experience has permanently positioned itself among the world top products. Production base where quality and proper processing are on the first place allows to manufacture reliable products with high performance. Very tight connection among production, designing and service creates groundwork for flexible reaction on customer's demands and permits to prepare various customer application. Service: Our company regards sales and after-sales service as one of the most important factors. Customers are provided with full back-up service from consultant, installation and mounting to warranty and standard service including spare parts delivery. New machines are under warranty for 12 or 18 months since the starting or delivery respectively. Projects, consultation and mounting: We are able to provide our customers with full projecting and mounting work as well as "turn-key delivery". Projects companies are supported by our experts consultation and supplied with complete documentation needed for successful built-in of PROGEN diesel generating sets into other technologies. Description of diesel generating set: DG sets are assembled only from proved components giving guarantee of quality and durability. DG sets in basic assembly are equipped with control system DC 110, voltmeter, ammeter and hour counter Generator circuit breaker, battery charger, starting battery, exhaust gas muffler, water cooler, built-in daily fuel tank and air filter are included. Assembly variation: Island operation (operation of DG set without any connection to public net). Stand-by (automatic start at power failure without any interference from operator). Stand-by with reverse synchronization (power drop only at power failure, net recovery is without interruption). Parallel operation (possibility of parallel operation of two or more units, or parallel operation with net - it is used with advantage for power peak limiting). Mobile execution. Mobile execution with various canopies of different noise reduction. Simple canopy (weather-proof). Silent execution (for interior or exterior installation). Super silent execution (for interior or exterior installation). Containerized execution (easy handling, cheap installation, weather-proof, perfect noise insulation). Special modification. Gas generating sets: As a special offer, we have prepared for you gas generating sets from 10 to 1250 kVA. Scales of supply: Genset price incorporats water cooled, electrically started engine model Volvo PENTA directly coupled to alternator Leroy SOMER and over alternator mounted switchboard with controller DC100 or DC110 and as a whole mounted on base-frame. As option gensets equipped with: Automatic mains failure panel with AST (automatic transfer switch) as a cubicle sheet mounted floor standing equipment. Weather proof or acoustic canopy covering the genset to decrease noise level to the value of 85 to 86dBA at 1 meter respectively 70 to 72dBA at 7 meters.
Genset type Engine type Alternator type KVA/kW Canopy price Panel + ATS
VL 110 DI TD 610 G LSA 44,1 L7 114/91 15.224 2.010 1.299
VL 150 DI TWD 610 G LSA 46,1 S2 142/114 17.055 2.290 1.299
VL 160 DI TD 710 G LSA 46,1 M3 171/137 17.900 2.290 1.400
VL 185 DI TWD 710 G LSA 46,1 M5 202/162 18.845 2.290 1.550
VL 200 DI TD 1010 G LSA 46,1 M5 233/186 19.110 2.587 1.990
VL 230 DI TWD 1010 G LSA 46,1 L6 261/209 20.995 2.587 1.990
VL 270 DI TD 1210 G LSA 46,1 L9 288/230 23.016 2.587 2.852
VL 300 DI TWD 1210 G LSA 46,1 VL 12 316/253 24.516 2.587 2.852
VL 325 DI TWD 1211 G LSA 476,1 M4 345/276 27.082 2.587 2.852
VL 375 DI TAD 1230 G LSA 47,1 M6 406/326 28.965 2.990 3.668
VL 410 DI TWD 1630G LSA 47,1 L9 455/364 35.403 2.990 3.668
VL 450 DI TAD 1630 G LSA 47,1 L9 511/409 38.858 2.990 3.668
VL 500 DI TAD 1631 G LSA 47,1 L10 569/455 42.448 4.015 4.716
  • Rated output: As below
  • Rated speed: 1800rpm
  • Voltage: 440/254V
  • Frequency: 60Hz
  • Power factor: 0.8
  • Currency: USD
  • Output rating: 114 to 569kVA
  • Current: 149 to 745A
  • Generators powered by VOLVO PENTA engines and coupled to alternator LEROR SOMER(as option may be offered generators powered by VOLVO PENTA engines coupled alternators STAMFORD).
  • Engine models: VOLVO - PENTA, in the range and the scale of delivery as you can see in the enclosure.
  • Diesel Generating Set:
    • As standard.
    • As standard equipped with canopy.
    • Standard equipped AMF panel (automatic mains failure panel with ATS).
    • Variable with AMF and Canopy.
  • Prices are in USD, net for us, based on EX WORKS conditions according to the Incoterms 1990, packed for shipment, but exclusive any commission, import duties, taxes, import tariffs as will as unloading charges, storage at the port of destination, local transport charges and cost of erection on the spot.
    • Upon your request we may offer the Gensets on the terms FOB Hamburg port or CIF ocean port of your destination.
    • Banking charges are at the buyer's account.
    • In the case that witness test by independent checking company at manufacturer's premises is required the costs for it are at buyer's responsibility, but at time mutually agreed, in the manufacturing process.
  • Rating conditions:
    • The equipment offered is rated for stand-by duty and is capable of an overload of 10% for one hour in six. This rating is based stand-by duty in accordance with ISO 8285. For continuous operation the choice is necessary to consult with us.
    • The output stated is based on standard conditions of 1000 meters altitude, 40 Celsius ambient temperature and calorific value of fuel oil 42700kj / kg. Should the operating site conditions increase above these standard figures then it may be necessary to derrate the output quoted.
  • Price validity: Up to December 31, 1997.
  • Rating: The equipment specified is rated for continuous 24 hours prime power duty and is also capable of an overload of 10% for one hour in six.
    • The output stated is based on standard conditions of 1000 meters altitude, 40 Celsius and fuel oil calorific value of 42700kj / kg. Should the operating site conditions increase above these standard figures the it may be necessary to derate the output as follows: Altitude 1000 to 3000m, 4% / 500m. Altitude>3000m, 6% / 500m. Ambient temperature, 1.5% / 5 Celsius.

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