Clay Roofing Tile - One Piece " S" Mission

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Over 80 years of experience has allowed us to produce a superior clay tile that will last for generations. Available in Natural Red, True Buff and flashed or blend colors. Having only 75 piece of tile per square, the One Piece "S" style is a tremendous labor savings product. It's used widely on residential, commercial, military and institutional buildings. Custom colors and blends are available.
  • Tile Specifications:
    • Actual size: 19'' x 14''
    • Exposed size: 16'' x 12''
    • Weight per square: 788lbs
    • Weight per piece: 10.5lbs
    • No. of pieces per sq: 75pcs
  • Metric Tile Specifications:
    • Actual size: 482mm x 356mm
    • Exposed size: 406mm x 305mm
    • Weight per M2: 38kg
    • Weight per piece: 4.8kg
    • No. of pieces per M2: 8.073pcs
. Natural Red & Flashed Colors

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