Clay Roofing Tile - One Piece "S" Mission (Glazed Colors)

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Glazed roofing tile has become an affordable as well as an elegant option for any prestigious project including residential and commercial buildings. Glazed surfaces will protect the tile from severe weather conditions. These colors will not wear out or fade from such weather conditions. Blue C- 01 is one of the most popular colors. A variety of standard and custom colors are available.
  • Tile Specifications:
    • Actual size: 19'' x 14''
    • Exposed size: 16'' x 12''
    • Weight per square: 788lbs
    • Weight per piece: 10.5lbs
    • No. of pieces per sq: 75pcs
  • Metric Tile Specifications:
    • Actual size: 482mm x 356mm
    • Exposed size: 406mm x 305mm
    • Weight per M2: 38kg
    • Weight per piece: 4.8kg
    • No. of pieces per M2: 8.073pcs

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