Turret Tile - Natural Red, Flashed & Glazed Colors

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Turret tile is latest innovation to hit the clay tile market. true turret roof designs or fan shaped applications are now possible without compromise to design concepts. M. C. A. has developed a system to custom fit any size and pitch of turret. M. C. A.' s newly developed Turret Tile system has made this tile more affordable, easier to your design. Available in Natural Red, blends and glazed colors. Custom colors and custom blends also available.
  • Roofing tile:
    • Turret Tiles are machine formed from natural clay, fired to nitrification for the required strength. Where indicated on the drawings, provide Turret Tile manufactured by M. C. A.(Maruhachi Ceramics of America, Inc.), in color "_" to match the rest of the tile on the main roof and birdstops at the eave. To determine quantity of Turret Tile needed and the correct installation guideline, provide the following information to M. C. A.: Scale drawing or blue print of top and side view. Indicate diameter of circle, roofing pitch, style and color of tile to be used on the main roof.
  • Other materials: Membrane:
    • At roof pitches of 3 : 12 and steeper, provide a minimum of two layers of ASTM D-226 Type 30 (14kg) or ASTM D-2626 Type 40 (18kg0 felt placed at right angle to roof pitch with a 4'' (101mm) headlap and 6''(152mm) sidelap. A Modified Bitumen Roofing Sheet type of membrane is recommended as an upgraded material, especially for valley, roof to wall and top of turret. Provide in strict accordance with pertinent requirements of governmental and/or other agencies having jurisdiction. For all other material and installation methods, contact the M. C. A. Sales Office.
.Natural Red, Flashed & Glazed Colors

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