Micro - Scope(tm) 6.1

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Our flagship diagnostic software is now even better. Introducing Micro-Scope 6.1 - a supercharged suite of diagnostic tools that can reveal ANYTHING that's wrong with your troublesome PCs. There just isn't enough room on this page to even begin to list all the features contained in this award-wining software, but we've tried to give you a representative sampling.
  • Universal-works with any PC. Completely operating system independent(MS DOS, Windows, Windows 95, Windows NT, Unix, Xenix, OS/2, Novell, etc.).
  • Performs Low-level format on all drives including IDEs.
  • Accesses BIOS built into any hard disk controller, even controllers yet to be invented.
  • True hardware diagnostics - accurately tests CPU, IRQs, DMAs, all memory, hard drives, video cards, etc.
  • Batch control - all tests, even destructive, may be selected for testing
  • Automatically logs all errors.
  • Automatically maps bad sectors on hard disks.
  • Sector editor allows editing of any hard of floppy disk, including track 0.
  • Identifies exact manufacturer of components(AMI, Cyrix, Trident, etc.).
  • Identifies IRP, I/O port and DMA conflicts added for soundblasters and CD-ROMs.
  • A new suite of diagnostic tests: clock, speaker, keyboard, mouse, joystick, CD-ROM, printer, Soundblaster.
  • String search option for floppy & hard disks.
  • Accurate benchmarks for processor, coprocessor, memory access time, hard drive access time, video transfer rates.
  • And much, much more...

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