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Imagine being able to plug a card into your "dead" PC and have it tell you exactly what was wrong with it - right down to chip level! That's exactly what our POST-Probe, universal "Power-On Self-Test" card does. If your computer fails on one of its "Power-On Self-Test"(POST) routines, a 2-digit error code means for your particular make and model, and you're on your way to having your PC repaired in no time . Simple - no more hit and miss.
  • Universal - works on any PC: ISA, EISA, Micro Channel, Compaq, 286, 386, 486 or Pentium(includes MCA adapter).
  • Includes tri-state LOGIC PROBE to determine actual chip failures.
  • Includes pads for voltmeter for actual voltage testing under load.
  • 4 LEDs monitor +5Vdc, -5Vdc, +12Vdc, -12Vdc.
  • Monitors Hi and Lo clock & OSC cycles to distinguish between clock chip or crystal failure.
  • Monitors I/O Write & Read to distinguish between write & read errors.
  • Monitors ALE for proper CPU/DMA operation.
  • Monitors Rest to determine if reset is occurring during POST, indicating short.
  • Reads POST codes from any IBM or compatible.
  • Dip switch allows easy selection of I/O ports to read.
  • Extensive manual include chip layouts and detailed POST procedure for BIOS codes from all major computer manufacturers.
  • And many more features...

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