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This is a must-have tool for service technicians everywhere. Supply your clients with this inexpensive package and let Micro-Scope CLIENT tell you what's wrong without leaving your office. When your client calls you with a service problem, simply have him boot up his computer with the Micro-Scope Client disk and select either the Quick Test or the Extensive Test. AT the conclusion of these tests, various error codes will be reported which will accurately identify the problem area(s) with the machine. A simple check by the Technician in the supplied manual tells him exactly what's wrong and what to do about it. Client will also report the system configuration information so there are no surprises when you arrive.
  • Remote systems diagnostics made easy.
  • Real-time Benchmark Test, including CPU, NPU, fixed disks and video card.
  • Reports system configuration, including system type, BIOS information, CPU type, video type and capabilities, floppy and hard drive types, serial and parallel ports, interrupts and memory.
  • Quick test completes in 1-2 minutes. Extensive test includes more thorough memory, floppy and fixed disk testing. Complete manual with all test error codes.
  • Works seamlessly with.

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