Micro Scope Census

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With Census you can keep track of hundreds or even thousands of computers and know each one's exact hardware and system configuration at a glance. Simply load the supplied disk into each computer on site(up to 100pcs recordable on each disk). Census automatically records complete system information and assigns each PC a unique ID number. The data can now be downloaded from the disk into any database program so it's ready to retrieve at a moment's notice. For even greater productivity and speed, use Census in combination with Micro-Scope with the exact parts required, fully compatible. You'll be in and out in a flash with a greater profit margin.
  • Instant access to the configuration of any system .
  • Each machine assigned a unique ID number.
  • Universal - works on any IBM or compatible PC, and with any database program.
  • An unbeatable one-two punch for remote diagnostics when used with Micro-Scope Client.
  • Keeps track of the exact hardware and system configuration of up to 100pcs per diskette.

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