Micro Scope Burn-In

Product ID: P7

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Good news for repair technicians and OEMs - finally there's a fully automated burn-in tool that runs with or without keyboard or monitor. Use this program to increase your quality control. It provides completely accurate and thorough diagnostic routines that repeatedly test the system's resources to the fullest extent to find any hidden bugs or problems. This program is essential for OEMs and Repair Facilities and can reduce the number of returned PCs dramatically.
  • Burn-In may be run with or without a keyboard or monitor: floppy drive lights will flash and PC speaker will emit tones indicating the need for scratch disks and diagnostic loopback plugs.
  • 100% accurate testing of all components in the system, including CPU and motherboard, memory(base, cache and extended), hard drives, floppy drives, video adapters, serial ports, parallel ports and internal fax/modems
  • Fully automates al the test run by Micro-Scope Universal Diagnostic Software.
  • Upon completion of testing, a system log will be written in generic ASCII text to the scratch disk in the a drive.

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