Automatic Hi-Speed Needle Loom

Product ID: 2ND175-1295

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Automatic high speed needle loom in wider series with 2 heads. It is being used to make tapes up to 6 inches width.
  • Product Range: crepe bandage, filter cloth tapes etc.
  • No. Of Weaving Heads: 2
  • Max. Reed Width: 175mm
  • Min. No. Of Picks Per Inch: 8
  • Max. No. Of Picks Per Inch: 79
  • Speed: 700-900 r.p.m.
  • Head Frames: up to 16
  • Shedding Mechanism: cam/chain/computerized jacquard
  • Automatic Stop Motion: electronic
  • Dimensions: l/w/h 2265 x 677 x 2280 (mm) (with beam stand)
  • Weight: 500 kg (approx.)
  • Drive Motor: 1 H.P. three phase/single phase

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