Designers Aid For Textile year.

Product ID: RDAT-64

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RDAT64 is the result of Ravitex's exhaustive in-house R&D work. It incorporates top of the line features and designing tools for fast and comprehensive designing of patterns. Features such as in-build/user specific fonts, pull-down menus, hot-keys make RDAT stand apart from rest of the designing software available in the market. User can also be provided EPROM programming, graph printing and on-line interfacing options on demand. Up gradation to RDAT64 are provided free for one year.
  • System Requirement:
    • 386, 486 PC or higher.
    • MS DOS 3.3 or later.
    • RAM 1MB.
    • Hard disk with 5 MB space.
    • Floppy disk drive 1.44MB.
    • Color VGA monitor.
  • Offers Creativity:
    • Initial design concepts can be rapidly, easily and inexpensively altered to resemble more closely the imagination you had in mind.
    • Coordinated looks can be achieved by transforming elements of design to various color schemes.
  • Speed: offering the customer a change in design or weave construction in minutes rather than days
  • Accuracy: removing silly human errors from weave designing and using consistent information database
  • Productivity: providing tools to increase productivity by 100% - 200%
  • Communication: system with communication links for quick response and elimination of repeated work
  • Dynamic text insert.
  • Single/multi pick insert and delete.
  • Hot keys with programmable quick cursor movements.
  • Block-copying and mirroring edit features.
  • Utilities for creating font files and inserting patterns.
  • Comparability with other electronic jacquards.
  • On line help available.

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