Centrifuged Rubber Latex

Product ID: P01

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Liquid rubber, quality of which is improved by extracting higher percentage of water through centrifugal process, and ammoniated for the purpose of preserving and avoiding coagulation.
  • Dry rubber content (minimum): 60%
  • Total solid content (minimum): 61.5
  • V. F. A (minimum): 0.025
  • Ammonia (low): 0.25% W/W
  • Ammonia (high):0.75% W/W
  • MST - sec: 800-1600
  • PPM: 18mg
  • Color : white
  • Odor: NPO
.Dipped products such as gloves, condoms, and other consumer items such as mattresses and cushions, toys, rubber bands etc.

Main Products

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