TeleBack Software Suite

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.$99.95 if purchased separately from business package #2
  • TBHost software for your computer
  • TBClient software for your client's computer(s) (no licensing requirements)
  • An extensive user manual with industry tips and how to's
  • TB-Estimate - Data estimation software that calculates backup sizes and transfer times
  • TB-Restore - method to restore client files in the event of a catastrophe
  • The RBS Service Provider's Handbook(tm): The definitive guide to running an RBS! Includes valuable information that you'll need to start and run an RBS. Contains information on computer configurations, modems, advertising, charging for service, networks, disaster planning and much more.
  • Installation programs for DOS, Win3.1 and Win95
  • One year of the "One for All" Support Program (When purchase is from WEB Software):
    • Client referral program
    • Subscription to the TeleBacker(tm) Newsletter
    • 24hr BBS access to the TeleBack and Marketing conferences
    • Sales and Technical Support

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