"How to Set Up and Market Your RBS Successfully"

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When starting a new business on a shoestring budget, you need to generate income quickly! Our modular training series will help you avoid the entrepreneurial pitfalls and give you the answers you need. It is tailored to your needs as a new RBS business owner. Each module contains information taken directly from our two-day training seminar and is delivered on CD-ROM.
  • Module 1 - Getting Started: licensing your new RBS business and conserving startup capital; leasing vs. Purchasing; funding your efforts; strengths / weakness; basic philosophies;
  • Module 2 - Basic Considerations: general operations; research and input from other sources; your RBS offer;
  • Module 3 - Advantages Over Bigger Businesses: twelve specific advantages you hold over bigger competitors;
  • Module 4 - Marketing: general discussion and philosophy applied to you and your RBS;
  • Module 5 - Pricing your products and service: vital questions and answers to help you establish rate structures; examples of procedures used by other providers;
  • Module 6 - Selecting Target Markets: selecting and marketing to specific target audiences; includes examples of markets you may not have considered;
  • Module 7 - Marketing strategies, Parts 1 & 2: specific strategies for marketing your RBS and other services; cooperative efforts with other unrelated businesses; TV / Radio; national agencies; local association chapters; too much for just one module!
  • Module 8 - Networking: joining associations and local lead groups; research before joining; participation; do's and don'ts of successful networking pay you big dividends;
  • Module 9 - Business Tools: as in depth look at the advantages and disadvantages of advertising special selecting the right tools for your business;
  • Module 10 - Direct Mail: different types; letting someone else do it vs. Doing it yourself; free equipment; increasing effectiveness.
  • $449.95 if purchased separately from business package #2
  • Sample customer rate sheets that can be modified to show RBS fees;
  • Sample Cover Letter to introduce your new business to the community;
  • Sample Press Release describing your new RBS to the public;
  • Listings of National Records Centers Consortium (NRCC) locations around the country;
    • Listings of pre-printed paper suppliers;
    • An Independent Agent Agreement that can be used when you want to contract sales personnel to sell your service;
    • An RBS Agreement that can be modified to suite your needs;
    • 40+ page workbook used in the seminar

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