Life Solubles With Risotriene

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Integris' goal is to develop an ever-expanding line of products that will quickly establish our company as the global leader in nutrition. Already we have gone 2,000 feet below the sea to retrieve the purest and most bioavailable trace minerals and traveled around the world to unlock the secrets of a true superfood that contains antioxidants 6,000 times more effective than vitamin E. Integris will spare no expense in order to provide for you the best nutrition that science and nature has to offer. We have developed strategic alliances with the world's foremost manufacturers, leading research scientists and product formulators to accomplish this. These relationships give us access to the most current scientific studies and state-of-the-art products that pass the scrutiny of sports medicine authorities as well as domestic and international science organizations. We manufacture our nutrition to meet USA pharmacopoeia certification. This USP designation assures our customers that our products meet the highest standard of quality control available and conform to USP specifications. When it comes to your health, Integris is only interested in world class excellence. At Integris, we are serious about nutrition. Superfood for a new millennium. The first time you try life Solubles from Integris you will know instantly why it's called the "superfood for a new millennium." Life Solubles is a natural superfood made entirely from rice. Using proprietary specialized processing, rice concentrates, extracts and stabilized fractions have been combined to deliver the ultimate antioxidants. These nutrients flow through your body in a surge nutrients flow through your body in a surge of regeneration moments after they are ingested. In fact, Integris believes life Solubles is the most nutritional whole food on earth. For centuries, mothers in India believed that the rice bran which encapsulated white rice held certain healing powers that worked miracles on their ill children. Unfortunately, the life span of the fragile rice bran was short, rendering it useless within houses after it was milled from the rice. Efforts to prolong the life sustaining power of the rice bran were fruitless to synthetically reproduce the most important components failed. However, a new proprietary technology was at last developed that naturally preserves and stabilizes the most fragile nutrients in the bran to yield the only true stabilized rice bran results in the soluble rice concentrate-riso, triene-the most powerful natural food concentrate ever developed. Life Solubles is composed of over 70 antioxidants, unequaled by any other product on the market today. Many of the antioxidants found in RiSo Triene were unknown to the scientific world until just recently. The least active of the compounds is 40 to 60 times more potent than in Vitamin E, considered one of the best antioxidants available. Among the most powerful in the life Solubles arsenal are lipoic acid and gamma oryzanol as well as numerous types of tocopherols and tocotrienols. When measured against Vitamin E, some are 6,000 times more effective as an antioxidant. These and other super antioxidants in life Solubles can make a healthier difference in your life. For can make a healthier difference in your life. For example, the power of tocopherols may have a positive effect on cholesterol levels. Certain antioxidants that are present in life Solubles have been documented to assist the slowing of the aging process and to combat free radicals that are often linked to degenerative conditions. These antioxidants boost the body's ability to regenerate itself while bolstering its energy and stamina. Life Solubles was recently awarded the seal of approval from the diabetes resource center which indicates its nutritional benefit to diabetics. A pre-digested, mega-superfood that allows for better, faster absorption, life Solubles begins to work immediately-and naturally -for optimal health, protection your body the way nature intended. Life Solubles complex (ingredients: RiSo Triene Solubles, rice protein concentrate. Stabilized rice bran, natural orange flavor, natural vanilla flavor, stevia.): Item #315 30servings, suggested retail price: UDS39.00. The information contained in this brochure is intended for educational purposes only. It is not intended for the treatment, cure, diagnosis or mitigation of a disease or condition. Persons with potentially serious medical conditions should seek professional care.

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