Uninterrupted Switching Power Supply

Product ID: AUP-X-250

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.Application: PC, NC, IPC, POS, Work Station, File Server, Disk Array, ...etc.
    • 500VA on line UPS (Uninterrupted Switching Power Supply)
    • 250W (or 300W) switching power supply.
    • UL, c-UL & TUV Approved.
  • Take no more space outside of PC
    • USPS divide to two parts: USPS main body and Battery Pack.
    • USPS main body size is as same as standard PS/2 (ATX) size.
    • Battery pack size is as same as standard 5.25ich disk drive size.
    • USPA is mounted inside the chassis, take no mire space outside of PC.
  • Easy Install
    • To install USPS into computer system, just like to install a Switching Power Supply and a 5.25ich Disk Drive
    • For battery pack maintenance, it also like to replace a 5.25ich Disk Drive, easy and cost less.
  • Outstanding Performance
    • On-line design without any transfer time(Zero), best protection your PC during blackout.
    • 500VA backup power can run a PC with 15" Monitor for 10 to 15 minutes during blackout.
    • Support Max 21" Monitor (or power consumption under 140W)
  • Software Backup and Control Function (Option)
    • Support Microsoft DOS, Windows 3.1, 95, NT series, Netware, ARTISOFT LAN tastic, Microsoft LAN Manager & IBM LAN series operating systems.
    • Auto shutdown and backup function.
  • Cost Benefit
    • The cost of USPS is lower than SPS + 550VA External UPS. The importer also can save the fight cost to deliver USPS with the computer case together.

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