3 In One 40000 Count Dmm Model 2501

Product ID: 2501

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Optional accessories: Prode 2501HP for humidity measurement. Temperature socket 2501TC for temperature measurement. Carry case. 250IBC. Rubber boot 2501RB. Type K thermocouple E60A. Humidity calibration kit HR33/HR75.
  • Basic specifications
  • Basic electrical specifications are given as +/-([% of reading] + [number of least significant digits]) for the temperature range of 20 Celsius to 30 Celsius and relative humidity less than 85% for one year after calibration.
  • Hold, relative audible alarm, null, zoom, bar graph
  • Max/min recording for all measurement (Including humidity and temperature)
  • True RMS auto power off , continuous beep
  • Basic DC accuracy 0.25%
  • Interchangeable modes between 3-3/4 digit and 4-1/2 digit

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