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More than just a router SmartWall provides an intelligent solution for Internet data security and user authentication. A firewall is a component placed between your internal network and all others. The firewall will allow only "authorized" traffic into or out of your network and this traffic must pass through the firewall.
  • Strong Chains And Weak Links: New firewall products seem to appear every week each doing things a little bit different but essentially achieving the same result, controlling and logging Internet-work traffic for specified protocols and users. This is know as a perimeter defense or "a crunchy shell around a soft sweet center." The Internet connection is rarely the only way to get onto you system, keyboards, scanners, diskette drives, tape drives, and modems all present exposures to your system. These devices by themselves are only a symptom of the real problem which is users. The lack of strong user authentication is the weakest link in most network security implementations using firewall using firewall alone.
  • A More Complete Solution: Virtual Open Network Environment Corp.(V-One) is now offering SmartWall as a more complete solution. Smart Wall is the combination of our SmartCAT product with a solidly built Internet firewall. SmartCAT is a "Strong user authentication" product using state of the art smart cards. A strong user authentication system can enforce your security policy at all areas of exposure within your network not just at the perimeter. This product provides a more comprehensive solution than a firewall alone.

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