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A convenient, self-learning talking computer for children age 4 and up. Fun and easy to use, the Talking Learning Square improve skills in math, counting, addition, subtraction and number patterns. It includes skills in word recognition of colors, shapes, body parts, etc. Children can learn about general professions, clocks, and everyday objects. This unique educational toy consists of 18 double sided cards, 6 questions per side, 216 questions in all. Simply insert the card into the computer and answer the questions in order. When the child presses the right colored key [A, B, C], the computer sounds a response and shifts automatically to the next question. Each answer, whether correct or incorrect, will receive a verbal response from the computer toy. As the computer shifts from question to question, a light turns on indicating the question at hand. At the completion of all six questions on the card, the Talking Learning Square give a verbal response indicating the numbers correct, and stating "very good", "excellent", "try again" etc. depending on the child's scores. During playing time, should three minutes elapse without keying in, the computer toy will automatically shut off, thus saving batteries. Cards can be neatly stored at the rear of the computer.
  • Unit size 10 5/8" x 4 1/2" x 5 1/4".
  • Require 3 "C" batteries (not included)
  • Expansion packs available:
    • Learning phonics & vocabulary #5600201 English version, age group: 5~8
    • Learning math: #5600301 English version, age group: 4~6; #5600302 French version, age group: 4~6; #5600303 German version, age group: 4~6
    • The natural world: #5600401 English version, age group: 6 and up; #5600402 French version, age group: 6 and up; #5600403 German version, age group: 6 and up
  • Product meets safety standards of CE, EN71 and ASTM963

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