BGA. SMD Rework Station

Product ID: BGA935

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No. Size Type / OH Type / CH
BGA-N001 5 x 5 N/A Common size
BGA-N004 5 x 10 N/A Common size
BGA-N007 10 x 10 N/A Common size
BGA-N010 10 x 15 N/A Common size
BGA-N013 20 x 20 N/A Common size
BGA-N016 16 x 24 N/A Common size
BGA-N020 29 x 29 Common size Special size
BGA-N022 32 x 32 Common size Special size
BGA-N024 37 x 37 Common size Special size
BGA-N025 39 x 39 Common size Special size
BGA-N028 45 x 45 Common size Special size
BGA-N041 13 x 12 N/A Common size
BGA-N043 13 x 20 N/A Common size
BGA-N045 15 x 22 N/A Common size
BGA-N047 17 x 30 N/A Common size
BGA-N051 11 x 11 N/A Common size
BGA-N052 13 x 13 N/A Common size
BGA-N053 15 x 15 N/A Common size
BGA-N054 17 x 17 N/A Common size
BGA-N055 19 x 19 N/A Common size
BGA-N056 21 x 21 N/A Common size
BGA-N057 23 x 23 N/A Common size
BGA-N058 25 x 25 N/A Common size
BGA-N059 26 x 20 N/A Common size
BGA-N060 28 x 28 Common size Special size
BGA-N061 33 x 33 Common size Special size
BGA-N062 35 x 35 Common size Special size
BGA-N063 38 x 38 Common size Special size
BGA-N064 40 x 40 Common size Special size
BGA-N081 10 x 17 N/A Common size
BGA-N083 12 x 19 N/A Common size
BGA-N085 12 x 27 N/A Common size
BGA-N090 12 x 12 N/A Common size
BGA-N091 14 x 14 N/A Common size
BGA-N093 17 x 15 N/A Common size
BGA-N095 20 x 20 N/A Common size
BGA-N096 25 x 25 N/A Common size
BGA-N097 27 x 27 N/A Common size
BGA-N098 32 x 32 N/A Common size
BGA-N099 37 x 37 N/A Common size
BGA-N121 10 x 20 N/A Common size
BGA-N122 10 x 22.5 N/A Common size
BGA-N123 10 x 25 N/A Common size
BGA-N124 10 x 27.5 N/A Common size
BGA-N131 18 x 32 N/A Common size
BGA-N133 18 x 37 N/A Common size
BGA-N135 18 x 42 N/A Common size
BGA-N139 18 x 52 N/A Common size
BGA-N141 21.5 x 21.5 N/A Common size
BGA-N143 29 x 29 N/A Common size
BGA-N145 34 x 34 N/A Common size
BGA-N147 49 x 49 N/A Common size
  • Mains Voltage: 110, 120/220, 240 VAC 50/60Hz
  • Power Consumption: 2100W
  • Preset Temp: 50-399 Celsius
  • Top Heater: 1000W
  • Bottom Heater: 1000W
  • Air Spouting: 250L/min. max.(adjustable)
  • Vacuum Pump: diaphragm 420mmHg Max.
  • Working Lamp: 50W 12V
  • P.C. Board Size Capacity: 450m/m x 400m/m
  • Dimensions: 60 (W) x 55 (H) x 45 (D) cm
  • Weight: about 30kg
  • Accessories:
    • Hex key Wrench: 1 set
    • Vacuum Caps: 2 pcs (dia.10 and dia.15)
  • Optional Accessories:
    • Complete range of standard and custom nozzles.
    • High-Resolution B/W CCTV packages.
    • Gloves with high temperature resistance.
    • Monitor mount.
    • Various size of vacuum caps. (dia.5, dia.10, dia.15, dia.20)
    • Stopper of P.C. Board clamp.
    • Holder of P.C. Board.
    • Vacuum pad of (Mu)BGA
  • Nozzle (Option) Unit (mm):
    • The BGA 935 suits every type of BGA & SMD, only needs to change the Nozzle.
  • Nozzle Type:
    • Open Hall (OH)
    • Close Hall (CH)
    • SOJ.PLCC
    • DIP.PGA
  • Nozzle Size: as the table show
  • Utilization of hot air forcible guide, nozzle with match with the PC Board when it heated, so totally uninfluential to the others components.
  • The temperature of hot air is stable and the temperature accurately at±0.1 Celsius, select as your wish between Celsius & Fahrenheit equipped three groups of PID value, a reference number can be programmed automatically, also can be memorized and stocked.
  • Utilization of silence pressure type air blower permit the regulation of silent ventilator, the air flow can be regulated to 2501/min. the max.
  • Equipped itinerary reflow display permit clearly control the reflow condition. With vacuum pump to pull out the SMD automatically.
  • The three Z.Y.Z. shafts have the detailed regulation function or can locate quickly. The nozzle turn freely with a range of 360 degree.
  • Main structure is aluminum alloy with heat treatment, linear ball guide and painted with PP powder. Easy maintenance, durable utilization and beautiful appearance.
  • Anti-static electricity and totally ground wire design. The electricity specification conform MIL, UL, VDE standard.
  • Equipped programmed fuzzy hot air temperature and time control system permit the best obtaining of soldering profile.

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