Whole - Plant Equipment For Precision Dewaxing Casting

Product ID: GF-1017

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Steam dewaxing machine uses the fully automatic once-through steam boiler to produce good quality of steam to serve as the heat source of dewaxing,. Because of quick heating and automatic firing & water supplement, the operation is simple & safe without needing safety inspection. The wax and water in the dewaxing furnace are separated. And it's also equipped with one wax-collecting filter net. The sliding shaft makes the basket for shell mold move fast. Whole equipment is well connected. You only need to press buttons of steam-entering, pressure up, dewaxing time, exhaust, drainage and wax discharge. All actions can be automatically controlled. When they are completed, buzzer sounds. You can open the door to take the finished products.
  • The wax/water separating design is constructed in the dewaxing furnace.
  • Furnace door adopts the locking ring design, so it's easy to open and close the furnace door. Safety hook rod design makes steam be completely discharged without the worry of explosion. Patent no.50409.
  • Connecting with GF-1022 high-speed water evaporation vat, it becomes fully automatic high-speed wax reclamation system.

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whole - plant equipment for precision dewaxing casting