Vertical Form - Fill - Seal Machine

Product ID: HW-102

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All of the packing processes form bag-forming, product weight measuring and filling, heat-sealing, date or batch number printing and cutting done automatically. This series packers are small in size, easy operation, compact construction and convenient for maintenance and repairs.
  • For power/granule.
  • Packaging Style: pillow type seal
  • Application: sugar, salt, pepper, detergent, seeds, tea, coffee, medicine, beans, grain desiccant, etc.
  • Pouch Materials: any laminated heat sealable material
  • Maximum Film Width: 160 mm
  • Pouch Size: 50-120 (L) x 30-80 (W) mm
  • Weighing Range: 1-30 cm
  • Operating Speeds: 30-100 pouches/min.
  • Power Supply: 110/220V, 1 phase, 50/60Hz
  • Machine Weight: approx. 300kgs
  • Film reels with quick release locks and minor adjuster.
  • The operating speed is adjusted within a range by s stepless speed control device.
  • The length of packages could be adjusted within a specified range without changing any parts.
  • Equipped with a photo-cell detecting device can get precise cutting position of the packing materials which has registration marks.
  • A wide variety of filling systems is available.

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