Automatic Vacuum Loaders

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Model BC-4, BCE-4 BL-4, BLE-4 BL-6, BLE-6 TB-4, TBE-4 TA-4, TAE-4 TA-6, TAE-6 TA-8, TAE-8 TA-10, TAE-10 TA-12, TAE-12 TC-6, TCE-6
Conveying capacity (kg/hr) 400 350 450 400 350 450 630 800 1000 500
Conveying Height (M) 4 3.5 4 4 3 4 7 9.5 12 4
Conveying Length (M) 7.5 5.5 8 7.5 5 8 20 50 8
Motor 800W (1 phase) 1/2 HP(3 phase) 1 HP(3 phase) 800W (1 phase) 1/2 HP(3 phase) 1 HP(3 phase) 2 HP(3 phase) 3 HP(3 phase) 5 HP(3 phase) 1 HP(3 phase)
Source 200~240V(1 phase) 220~440V(3 phase) 220~440V(3 phase) 200~240V(1 phase) 220~440V(3 phase) 220~440V(3 phase) 220~440V(3 phase) 220~440V(3 phase) 220~440V(3 phase) 220~240V(3 phase)
Approx. weight (kg) Body 16 42 45 13 45 49.5 68.5 76 115 48
Approx. weight (kg) Suction Hopper 16 42 45 7 7 7 7 7 7 7
  • On selecting a loader for your purposes we recommend you leave a 20% capacity margin for greatest efficiency.
  • Conveying capacity varies with the shape and bulk density of the material conveyed, and with piping, conveying length , conveying height, power supply (frequency) and other factors.
  • Conveying capacity in kg/hr is tested with usual and standard PS granular material & with the motor running continuously.
  • We reserve the right to change specifications without prior notice.
  • The loaders in our series have the following characteristics & are ideal for most qranular materials.
  • BC
    • Uses high speed, powerful, single phase commutator motor & is the smallest & most economical loader in our range. It is ideal for small machines(Hopper mounted)
  • BL
    • Uses three phase, quiet, powerful induction motor & is suitable for medium to large size machines. It has a reveres facility for ease of cleaning.(Hopper mounted)
  • BL, TA
    • These use powerful induction motor & have the feature of an alarm with auto fan-reverse if material runs out or block-age occurs in the feed tube. They both have a manual reverse clean out facility.
  • TA, TC
    • Motor cabinet and hopper barrel are spilt, the motor cabinet on the floor for convenient operation and the hopper barrel on the machine hopper for easy installation. Both these types have alarms & an air filter system to remove all dust from their operation. The TC series are similar to the TA series but the blowers are belt driven for quiet operations. (Floor mounted)
  • GSB
    • This is a sight glass with hopper loader barrel above. It can be mounted directly onto the plastic moulding machine & gives the operator a clear view of the material being fed into the machine. It is controlled by a proximity switch or level sensor. It has a capacity of 13.5 liters.
  • GS
    • The Glasshopper is fitted with a capacity proximity switch(i.e. level detector) making control exact & material supply easily observed. It is suitable for smaller moulders which require small hoppers, low material usage &/or short lead-time after drying (Engineering resins)

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