Coated Fabrics

Product ID: 2000 CPU

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Items Longitudinal Sixup Longitudinal CNS Transverse Sixup Transverse CNS
Tensile Test (kgf) 128 127 125 98
Tearing Test (kgf) 8.0 6.9 8.7 6.9
Bond Strength Test (kgf) 4 4 4 4
Elongation (%) 34 4up 31 10up
Color Fade Test (grade) 4 4 4 4
Low Temperature Test (-20 Celsius) no crackle no crackle no crackle no crackle
Aging Test no change no change no change no change
  • We manufacture & export kind of coated fabrics such as
    • Polyester: 75D, 15OD, 3OOD, 6OOD, 12OOD, 18OOD, 24OOD
    • Nylon: 4OD, 7OD, 21OD, 42OD, 84OD, 1OOOD, 168OD
    • Cotton rayon ramie fabrics.
  • Coated with silicon wax acrylic PU, Hypalon, Aluminum, PVC, CPU etc.
  • Specially Finished: crinkle, printed, stone washed
  • Usage: bags and luggage, garments, rain ware, umbrella, covers, tents table cloth etc.
  • Lightweight, softness, high elasticity, strong laminating strength.
  • Free of Chlorine, cadmium, barium Zion lead and toxicity.
  • Anti-crack -32 Celsius heating resistance 75 Celsius fire resistance.
  • Non-smoke during burn down.
  • Non-pollution either burn in the air or cover under soil.
  • Lower cost.

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nylon fabrics, artificial leather, shower curtain, table cloth, acrylic sheet, PVC film, EVA glue, woodworking machinery