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Product ID: AX-3500D

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The slow-cooker inner pot is made of heat-resistant material. It can be used with the slow-cooker, and also on a gas or electric stove or magneto-electric hot plate, or in a microwave oven. The pot is attractive enough to go from the cooker to the table for elegant serving.
  • Rating: 170W(simmering) / 60W (warming), 120/230V(AC), 50/60Hz
  • Capacity: 1.4L
  • For magneto-electric hot plate
    • The bottom of the pot is coated with a special alloy film and then protected by a special condensed high rigidity over-coating. It, therefore, has extremely high electric and magnetic conductivity.
    • When used on a magneto-electric ho plate, its efficiency and heat conductivity is better than conventional stainless steel pots.
  • For microwave oven
    • This glass-ceramic pot is the best vessel to cook with in a microwave oven.
    • The silver alloy coated bottom also provides the best microwave reflection condition for cooking tastier food.
  • For gas or electric stove
    • Due to the close-to-zero thermal expansion coefficient of glass-ceramic, the pot can undergo extreme thermal shock (800 Celsius) and high temperatures (1150 Celsius). The pot can, therefore, be heated on a gas stove right after removing from the refrigerator.

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